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Presence and Energy in Therapy:
Enrich your practice with this 5-hour workshop

Welcome to this immersive workshop, an introduction to the transformative somatic cognitive approach known as energy psychotherapy and the impact of presence in its efficacy. Discover the fusion of energy tools with traditional therapeutic practices, unveiling a new dimension of professional understanding. Throughout this engaging session, you will explore the principles of energy psychotherapy and gain practical insights into integrating these tools into your therapeutic practice.

“The mind is not in the brain, the mind is in the field that surrounds the body.”

Dr. Bruce Lipton

This Workshop Is About...

...exploring the transformative potential of energy psychotherapy and harnessing the impact of presence in therapeutic practice. In this experiential workshop, you will gain first-hand experience in EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), chakra clearing, the power of intention, working with reversals, and energy balancing techniques. You will explore how your presence can influence the effectiveness of these methods and learn how to enhance it. These powerful techniques can not only elevate your therapeutic capabilities but also serve as self-care and burn-out prevention, while providing grounding, soothing, and calming tools that you can offer as support for your clients. They can also be used for trauma processing. Join us if you wish to discover the power of presence and energy psychotherapy in facilitating lasting positive change in your therapeutic practice. Reserve your space now and embark on this journey of professional growth and transformation.

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What You Will Learn

1 / Introduction to Energy Psychotherapy

We will briefly cover the main foundations and underlying principles of energy psychotherapy and realise its potential to complement and enrich your own therapeutic approach, offering an array of exciting and creative possibilities for your therapeutic toolbox.

2 / The Power of Presence

The undeniable truth is that our presence significantly influences our clients. In this workshop, you will be encouraged to remain fully aware of your presence throughout the experiential exercises. By mindfully engaging in these activities, you will cultivate a deeper understanding of the profound impact your presence can have on the therapeutic process.

3 / Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) Applications

EFT offers diverse applications in therapy. During the workshop, you will have the invaluable opportunity to learn and practise powerful ways of using EFT (aka tapping), including working with reversals, the standard EFT basic recipe, and intuitive tapping, equipping you with versatile tools to transform your practice. As you practise these techniques, a supportive atmosphere of relaxation, playfulness, and exploration will be fostered, allowing for an enjoyable experience.

4 / Chakra Clearing Applications

Chakra clearing (also called Waterfall Chakra Clearing) can be a powerful technique for the resolution of trauma and the instalment of positive beliefs. During the workshops, we will cover the basics of chakra clearing, so that you can add some aspects of this valuable tool to your therapeutic toolbox. Integration of your own therapeutic style with chakra clearing will be explored by engaging in practical exercises with fellow therapists to refine your skills. 

5 / Self-care and Burn-out Prevention Tools

You will acquire the skills to use treatment sentences, empowering your own healing journey and self-care practices, learning how to protect your energy boundary in therapy, and eliminating energy contamination from your energy field. By clearing your chakras at the end of your daily routine, you can ward off burn-out, ensuring your sustainable well-being and therapeutic efficacy.

What to Expect


I am a skilled trainer that will expertly intertwine experiential exercises with comprehensive knowledge about these tools, drawing from my experience, while reminding you to maintain your presence, so that you can integrate this knowledge in an experiential way.

Group Therapy


Ethical Considerations

I will share my experience working with diverse clients, as well as valuable insights and practical advice. You will discover what techniques are safe and effective for you to confidently incorporate into your practice, and gain clarity on areas that might require additional training for enhanced therapeutic expertise. Ethical considerations will be explained.


Questions and Answers

I will encourage an interactive learning approach throughout the workshop, where questions are warmly welcomed at any time. Your active participation will be embraced to ensure a dynamic and engaging experience while also keeping to our schedule to allow for extensive experiential work so that you can make the most of your day.


Time for Integration

The day will be intense, but highly experiential. We will also indulge in a leisurely lunch break, offering ample time to process your experiences, engage with like-minded therapists, and explore any lingering questions or topics for further discussion later in the day.


Plenty of Examples

Drawing from my rich experience in integrating energy psychotherapy tools into my practice, as well as my deep understanding of Eastern exercise forms that cultivate presence, I will illustrate my explanations with compelling case studies, practical examples, and valuable insights from my professional journey.

Who Can Participate

This workshop is open to psychotherapists, counsellors, and psychologists eager to enhance their therapeutic practice with energy psychotherapy techniques, as well as to those interested in exploring whether they wish to pursue a more in-depth course in the future. Additionally, psychotherapists, counsellors, and psychologists with backgrounds as energy healers or Reiki practitioners, seeking to integrate both realms, are especially welcomed and encouraged to participate.


Your Facilitator

Maria Alda Gomez Otero MA Psych (Psychotherapy) DipEP 

With a background in languages, life led me to a transformative career shift and I became a tai chi instructor and a psychotherapist. The discovery of energy psychotherapy seamlessly merged my two passions into one purposeful path. I began to use my enhanced presence and my understanding of the meridian points, derived from my tai chi practice, in my therapy room, intertwining traditional approaches with innovative ones, with astonishing results for my clients. Having worked in this area for a number of years, I recently completed a year-long Diploma in Practising Energy Psychotherapy.

As a trainer, I have often been described as having an innate gift for teaching, which doesn't surprise me as I love facilitating workshops. 


Presence and Energy in Therapy

Saturday, 11th May 2023

Time: 11am - 5pm

Venue: Studio 2, Exeter Phoenix, Gandy St, Exeter EX4 3LS (TBC)

Cost: £65 (Early Bird before 20th April) or £90 (after 20th April) 


There are concession spaces available.

There will be a lunch break at 1pm-2pm.


Lunch is not included, but the Exeter Phoenix has a lovely café, and there are many other places nearby. You can also bring your own lunch and have it in the room. 


Please contact me for more information on 07437332032.

Limited Spaces Available - Reserve Yours Now!
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