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Psycho-energetic Reversals Group Session

In this page, you will find information about the group sessions that I regularly run focusing on releasing the blocks to healing, or reversals. 


Change your energy system from self-sabotaging to helping you to heal.

Do you feel like you are sabotaging your efforts to heal, physically, mentally or other? Do you feel like you are going around in circles? For example, you go to your chiropractor, they help you, then you go about life to find yourself needing your chiropractor's help again. What if you could find a way of releasing the blocks to healing inside your body? What would it look like if you stopped having the same issues again and again, and things got a bit better? This is what this group session is about.

What are psycho-energetic reversals?

John Diamond was an Australian psychologist who studied how the meridians could have an impact on a person's health. He is the father of modern kinesiology that he developed in the 70s. He discovered that sometimes the energy in the body flows in the opposite direction to healing. He called this "a reversal of the body's morality". An American psychologist, Roger Callahan, built on John Diamond's work on reversals and deepened our understanding of the reversed energy in our bodies. He called the reversals "psychological reversals" and created ways of bypassing them. It is similar to what traditional psychoanalysts called "resistance" to treatment. Another psychologist, Hover-Kramer coined the term psycho-energetic reversals. The reversals are energy that is flowing in the wrong direction or blocked energy in the body that interfere with healing.

Reversals are like parts of you that were created to help you survive a "not good enough" environment. For example, if you required more attention than your parents could give you, you might notice that being ill got their attention. Therefore, as a child, you created a reversal called "I don't want to heal" to be constantly ill and satisfy that attention that you needed. You didn't do this on purpose, but it makes sense from a child's perspective.

Reversals are unconscious

You are probably thinking: that is not me! That example might not apply to you, but most people have reversals, or blocks, to healing. Most of us have psycho-energetic reversals, but they are unconscious. They might be difficult to identify and heal on your own. You may have a sense of something stopping your healing, but you are not sure what it is. However, with an expert's help, it can be relatively easy to remove some of the most common reversals.

Common reversals

There are many reversals or blocks to healing. Experts on the field have found that most people have a combination of these and other common reversals:

"I don't deserve to be healed"

"It is impossible for me to heal"

"I am too ashamed to heal"

"If I heal, my parents/ husband/ wife/ whoever hurt you would get away with it"

"I will be disloyal to my family if I heal"

"I want to be miserable"

Removing Reversals with Energy Tools

Although very common and preventing you to heal, psycho-energetic reversals can be relatively easily eliminated from your system. During this session, you will use acupoint tapping or waterfall chakra clearing, to clear the most common psycho-energetic reversals. You might not have some of them, but as we all work together, you will remove the ones that are relevant to you and are interfering with your healing process, whether it is physical or mental (anxiety, depression, low moods). 

What is tapping?

Tapping literally consists of gently tapping certain meridian points to clear disturbances in your energy system. To clear the reversals, it is normally only necessary to tap on the so-called "karate chop". While tapping on this point, you will be guided to say the reversal, accompanied by a positive statement. This seems to send two signals to the brain: one activates the area that needs removing (or healing); the second one tells your brain that you are safe. Because the two signals are contradictory, the brain tends to choose safety over disturbance, disconnecting the brain wiring that keeps the reversals in place. The sentence would look something like this: "Even though it is impossible for me to heal, I love and accept myself....."


Other energy tools, such as waterfall chakra clearing, can also be used as needed to remove the psycho-energetic reversals, depending on the individual needs and the needs of the whole group. If someone in the group is stuck in one reversal and needs a trauma to be removed, that person will be guided to clear the trauma and then proceed with removing the reversals. The other members of the group will still feel the benefits, thanks to what is called "borrowing benefits."

What are borrowing benefits?

In the origins of tapping or EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), it was observed that people who were witnessing healing of one person (during demonstrations or conferences) also benefited from the tapping process. As the audience tapped along with the healer and healee in these events, some of their own issues got cleared, not necessarily the same as the issue being treated. Thanks to this process, nothing gets lost in a group session. The energy of the group helps to build enough energy to create the conditions for healing, while everyone benefits for everything that happens during the session.

What is waterfall chakra clearing?

Waterfall chakra clearing consists of gently resting on hand in one chakra and another one goes down touching the other chakras from top to bottom to eliminate blocks to healing. One round of waterfall chakra clearing might be enough to eliminate the block in question, as the energy of the group provides the space for faster healing to happen. Similarly to tapping, while you touch a chakra, you will say the reversal that you wish to eliminate from your energy system, such as: "I don't give permission to myself, and especially my body, to heal.

Your Facilitator - Alda

Mª Alda Gomez-Otero is a qualified, experienced energy psychotherapist who has been working with energy for over 10 years, first as a qigong instructor and from 2014 as an EFT / tapping practitioner. In the last year, she completed two intensive Advanced Integrative Therapy workshops, working with the chakra system, and she is now completing a Diploma in Energy Psychotherapy, being trained by the most prestigious psychotherapists in this field in the UK and abroad.

Alda is also trauma-trained and a very grounded, kind person who would adapt the sessions to the needs to the group, creating a safe space for everyone while encouraging participation and healing.




I tried a session with Alda using energy therapy to change any subconscious belief that could be affecting my weight management. After the session I had a different mindset about what food I wanted to eat and had lost 3kgs by the day without changing anything. I have tried over the last few years various therapies because I knew my body didn't respond to dieting like juicing, keto, intermittent fasting etc. I'd tried hypnosis, counselling, mindfulness, and nothing worked.

Another side effect is that I am much more awake and have more energy so I believe some blocks have been removed. I'm so happy and grateful for this session with Alda.


Jane Gee from Teignmouth

Psycho-energetic Reversals Group Session Details

In the group session, you will be able to remove most of your psycho-energetic reversals. The session will not heal your issues, but it will remove the blocks to your healing. The next time you have a therapy session, an acupuncture session, a massage, or go to the dentist, your healing might happen easier. You might not notice much change in your body, but you will notice that, little by little, your life gets better and better.

Alda hosts these sessions in her home in Teignmouth. There are only 6-8 spaces available on a first come, first served basis. Please see the details below. The address will be given to those attending the session. It is conveniently located beside the train station.

Date: Friday, 17th March 2023

Time: 5:00 - 6:30pm

Price: £15 (two concession spaces at £10)

Venue: Teignmouth, near the train station


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