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I am a trauma-trained psychotherapist with a Master's in Humanistic Integrative Psychotherapy, counting with over 13 years experience as a therapist, along with previous work in trauma settings. My goal is to offer you a space where you can find your inner healer, accompany you while you release your baggage, and celebrate with you your unique ways of creating life. On this page, you will get to know me a little bit, and the approach that, in my humble opinion, holds the potential to unlock your inner strength and resilience. Together, we'll embark on a path of healing and growth that leads to a more empowered you.


From an early age, I naturally lent a helping hand to family and friends, often being the person they confided in. However, my journey didn't immediately lead me to become a therapist. My love for languages guided me to become a translator and interpreter, eventually leading me to settle abroad. While working as an interpreter with survivors of torture, I realised that my calmness and attentive listening was noticed by my clients, prompting me to pursue a more meaningful path as a therapist. Simultaneously, I deepened my passion for tai chi and qigong, eventually becoming an instructor.

Through the years, I stumbled upon books that offered a fresh perspective on the world. Authors like Dr. Bruce Lipton and Dr. Candace Pert, along with other scientists, expanded my horizons and introduced me to a new paradigm, profoundly transforming my understanding and influencing my work

When I discovered EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), a modality that employs acupoint tapping for healing, I realised that my practice will be changed forever. I delved into learning the technique, recognising how effective it can be to effect changes in people's moods and beliefs. Notably, NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) has recommended further research on these tools for PTSD.


Having already gained insights into meridian pathways through my qigong training, incorporating this tool into my practice came naturally. Additionally, I recently completed a Diploma in Practising Energy Psychotherapy, which allowed me to integrate various tools such as chakra healing, Ask & Receive, Psychoanalytic Energy Psychotherapy, Advanced Integrative Therapy, and the Blue Diamond Healing into my therapeutic approach.

I am in awe of the profound impact these tools can have on individuals despite their simplicity. As someone who was once highly sceptical, I understand the difficulty in believing that tapping on specific points or working with energy centres can be beneficial. However, witnessing the transformative results first-hand changed my perspective entirely.

Now, I wish everyone, especially psychologists, counsellors, and therapists, would explore these tools and experience their potential. These techniques have the power to not only change our lives but also revolutionise our therapeutic practices, enabling us to provide the best possible service to our clients. Seeing is believing, and I am a firm advocate for embracing these tools to enrich both personal and professional growth.

Outside of my therapy work, I organise therapeutic dance groups, practice tai chi and qigong, and indulge in creating small mosaic art pieces. Living by the sea brings me great joy, and I cherish visits to my native Spain and exploring other lands through travel.



2023 Diploma in Practising Energy Psychotherapy - Confer.

2012 Master in Psychotherapy - DBS - Dublin, Republic of Ireland.

2010 Higher Diploma in Counselling and Psychotherapy - DBS - Dublin, Republic of Ireland.


Accredited EFT Practitioner - EFTi - UK.

Certified AIT Practitioner - AIT Basics, Mastering AIT Practice, Presence and Dissociation - AIT Institute - USA.


Complex Trauma Certification Training Level 1 & 2 (CCTP/CCTP-II) Course - Janina Fisher - PESI.

Clinical Applications of Polyvagal Theory in Trauma Treatment - Stephen Porges & Deb Dana - PESI.

Revolutionising trauma treatment - Babette Rothschild - PESI.

Dissociation and the Body - Pat Ogden - Sensorimotor Psychotherapy.
Internal Family Systems Therapy (IFS): Experiential Workshop - Richard Schwartz - PESI.


Dance of Awareness Facilitator.

Qualified tai chi and qigong instructor.

CPD days in body process, sandtray therapy, LGBTQ+ therapy, transcultural therapy, among others.

LGBTI+ affirmative therapist.

BACP Logo - 84431.png


Experience a unique therapy that blends mindful talking therapy, guided imagery, somatic interventions, and powerful energy psychotherapy tools to facilitate profound change. Alda's approach is trauma-informed, thoughtfully incorporating some of the latest research in trauma treatment. 

Energy psychotherapy incorporates muscle testing, a technique derived from kinesiology, to ensure a well-balanced therapeutic process. Muscle testing allows your body to communicate its needs for healing and identify the most effective treatment approach at any given moment. Muscle testing and Alda's therapeutic guidance can help you process your traumas in a safe way. 

In energy psychotherapy, we utilise various energy tools, including tapping to stimulate acupoints and gently placing hands on energy centres to clear them. We also harness the power of presence and intention through mindfulness. Depending on your preferences and muscle testing, Alda tailors the approach to suit your needs. You may find EFT or tapping resonates with you, or you might prefer not to use these tools at all, and that's perfectly okay. As an experienced therapist, Alda is committed to adapting your sessions to ensure the best possible fit for your healing journey.

Somatic interventions are recognised as one of the most effective approach for treating trauma. Energy psychotherapy, a somatic cognitive method, addresses trauma, anxiety, and other challenges. Your body holds a wealth of healing knowledge, consistently communicating with you. Through practice, you'll learn to listen to your bodyand embrace your intuition to confidently navigate life's journey.

In addition to my expertise in energy psychotherapy, I have trained in trauma work under the guidance of various experts in the field. My practice incorporates a wide range of tools, including sensorimotor psychotherapy, IFS (Internal Family Systems), the polyvagal theory, and other well-known approaches for trauma treatment. Drawing from my knowledge and experience in trauma, my energy psychotherapy practice is thoughtfully informed, providing a holistic and comprehensive approach to healing and transformation.



Book a brief phone/ Zoom call with Alda before an initial session. Contact Alda with your best times.

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