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4 EFT / Tapping Videos That Might Help

Tapping can be used for many different conditions, and many different situations. In this post, I will give you four examples, based on four aspects of a human being: physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual.

Physical: Self-help or with a therapist for pain relief

This morning, I had a sore lower back. Being one of the many therapists who spends hours sitting on a chair seeing clients, I was not surprised. The pain had been there before. But this morning I decided to do something different. I usually wait until the pain goes. Today, I decided to use EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) or tapping. Normally, I only use tapping for emotional issues, but I rarely use it for physical pain. But today, I was reading a few articles on how research on EFT supports its efficacy for chronic pain, so I decided to give it a go. My pain started in the spinal area of my lower back. I couldn’t raise my leg without feeling the pain. After a couple of rounds of tapping, my pain was gone in this area, but I started to experience sciatica pain on my left side. Again another couple of rounds, and the pain is gone. I still have some pain in my lower back, but not as bad. I will need to continue working now, but I will surely resume the tapping rounds later in the day. Here is a video by Dr. Kim D’Eramo about tapping for pain relief. She is very enthusiastic so it is lovely to watch.

Psychological: With a therapist specialised in trauma

Research also supports how EFT can be used for the treatment of trauma and PTSD. I often teach my clients this simple technique so that they can use it at home whenever they feel the need. Using tapping for trauma does not mean that therapy doesn’t involve talking about the issues that are worrying you, or that the whole session will be about tapping. It just means that this tool will be available, should you wish to explore it. My experience tells me that if you are open and ready for EFT, changes can happen very dramatically and very quickly. However, please do not get discouraged if this is not the case. EFT doesn’t always work, as we are all different, and some of us prefer other healing modalities. It is not better or worse. We just need to learn what works for us.

Emotional: Self-help or with a therapist for common fears

EFT or tapping has been known for decades to be very efficient for common fears, such as fear of spiders, fear of driving, fear of success, or fear of flying, like in the video example. In this occasion, the video shows a live EFT session in a group. When one person is helped with EFT, if other people tap at the same time, they can also feel the benefit. So if you are afraid of flying, maybe this video can help you overcome this fear. EFT can also be used for intense fears or phobias.

Spiritual: Self-help or with a therapist for spiritual issues

Spirituality comes wrapped up in different parcels depending on your beliefs and experiences. For me, spirituality is everything that takes you beyond your individual self. It is a feeling of belonging to something bigger, as if seeing yourself from a much higher perspective and notice that you are only one dot in the bigger picture of things. It is also noticing how this small dot can make a difference depending on the colour it takes. We often hear things like “finding your true purpose”, “listening to your higher self”, “connecting with nature”, “forgiveness”, “gratitude” in the field of spirituality. In this video, Vivienne Gibson Green explains her journey with EFT to the realisation that she is a spiritual person.

I hope you enjoyed this short videos and you have now a better idea about what is EFT or tapping and its many uses.

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