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8 Myths About Counselling

Here are some of the most common #myths about counselling. Some of these myths prevent people needing counselling from seeking help.

1) Counselling is only for crazy people: This is not true. Most people could benefit from the type of help that #counselling provides at some point in their lives.

2) Counselling is only about talking: Not true again. Most counsellors are open to explore other approaches in parallel to talking therapy: relaxation exercises, #mindfulness, #guided visualisations, arts, #EFT.

3) Counselling creates dependency: That is a risk, and it can happen in any healing modality. However, counsellors are very aware of this risk and are able to handle it. Also, because they always work in tandem with a supervisor, the risk is minimised.

4) Going to counselling is a sign of weakness: In fact, it takes a lot of courage to go and talk to a professional about issues that you haven’t dared to talk about with anyone else in your life, so no, not true.

5) You need to talk about your past: This is a myth. Not all therapists will ask you to talk about your past. Some therapists do encourage it, but others are happy to work with what your life is presenting to you right now.

6) Your counsellor has it all worked out: Counsellors are human beings who normally are a step further in their life journey than you, and have acquired some specific knowledge. But they are still human beings and, as such, they may make mistakes, have a bad day, or go through life difficulties themselves.

7) Your counsellor has to have lived what you have lived to understand you: This is a myth. It is true that most counsellors have a wide range of life experiences which help them understand your issues. But at the end of the day counsellors understand your emotions, not necessarily your life experiences. They are experts in understanding emotions, so they can understand you even when they have never been there themselves.

8) I can work with any counsellor as long as they are qualified: This is not true. Choosing a counsellor is a very important decision. You will need to trust your counsellor completely so that you can open up. Make sure that your counsellor is qualified, but also that you feel at ease with her/him.

There is nothing like personal experience to know how counselling works. Book an initial session with a counsellor. You don't need to commit to a whole life of counselling. Just one session or a number of sessions if that one goes well. Best of luck.

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