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Counselling, Psychotherapy and Cultural Values

#Cultural values can impact in #counselling and #psychotherapy sessions. Independently of what brought you to look for a #counsellor in Devon, some underlying cultural issues may be present.

From a counsellor’s perspective – understanding

Counselling and psychotherapy were born in Western societies. These societies are based on certain common #values not shared by all cultures in the world. If you come from a culture with different values, your values may clash with those of your current world.

That is why you need to find a counsellor in Devon that has an understanding of #multicultural issues. If your counsellor understands that your behaviour or feelings can be related to your cultural difference, you will be listened to with a deeper understanding. That may help you make informed decisions, aligned with your values, which may bring much joy to your life.

From a client’s perspective – lack of clarity

If you come from a foreign country, you may start #questioning the values that you learnt growing up and embracing Western values, and that may create conflict in your past relationships (family of origin). Or you may keep your old values and enter into conflict with those who share Western values and don’t understand yours (e.g. in an intimate relationship). This may create anger, confusion and insecurity. If you embrace the values around, there is a sense of losing part of yourself, of losing your identity. If you keep your previous values, you may feel that you don’t fit in in your current culture. You may feel misunderstood and may isolate yourself. Counselling and psychotherapy can be a #non-judgemental space where you can explore these issues.

If your counsellor in Devon is multiculturally aware, you will not feel judged and will be able to figure out your own values. By knowing the values that you stand for, you may become more confident about yourself. You may then be able to explain your values in a more assertive way, resulting in better understanding and bonding with others. As you confirm the values that feel right for you, you may also find that it is easier to listen to other peoples’ values and respect them while being true to yours.

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