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Why do you have poor self-esteem?

If you wish to understand where your poor self-esteem comes from, you might want to learn about attachment styles. We all have different attachment styles that we created in our childhood. When growing up, insecurely attached people usually have a poor image of themselves, resulting in needy or detached behaviours in our intimate relationships.

During periods of stress, the insecure ambivalent attachment style person tends to cling to their loved ones, having angry outbursts or constant meltdowns to get their attention. The insecure avoidant attachment style person tends to avoid all contact during their stressful times, seemingly aloof and uncaring. The disorganised insecured attached individual has many unpredictable ways of behaving.

The securely attached person will generally enjoy a fulfilling relationship because they have a good self-image and they are able to trust others in a loving, caring way.

Please have a look at this video which explains this very clearly:

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